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When you think of winter flowers, think of pinecones, spruce trees and greenery. You don't really want that tropical look or those vibrant spring colors in winter. Can you do it? Yes, but you will need to work closely with your florist and designer to pull it off and it may get very pricey. Wedding planners like to pick the flowers and decor based on the style of the venue, season and the couple’s interest. The pick for winter this year is greenery and pinecones with just a little pop of color - nothing bright. Talk with your florist. Many have connections around the world and can get whatever flower you want. They can get flowers not only in season but out of season - but remember, that will come with a price. A good florist can help you find alternate choices to use in the place of the flower you had in mind and that are in season so your floral decorations won’t break the bank or the budget. Let your designers and florist do the work for you. Come with your ideas, colors, budget in mind and let the professionals help with the design that meets your needs and wishes.